Summertime Brisk.JPG


You feel terrible.


Your emotions are being stirred until they are in a jumble, held in a messy pot on top of an unkept stove. You've been eating too much the crumbs that fall off onto the cold floor, forgotten by the mouth that let them fall. You're tired and frustrated and yet, too frail to get up. Much too exhausted to push aside the thin blankets to start a fire.


Yet, take a deep breath, look yourself in the mirror and wash the dirt that resides on your face. Push your hair back so that your blue eyes shine so deeply that you cannot bear to break the gaze. Put on your warm socks, take a look at the bright sun, and realize there is more to the day than this moment and these feelings.


For change comes at the end of a terrible, cruel, and rough season.


The scars of the winter wind will fade and you will be able to look onward to the warm air of summertime.


Winter's Wrath


My Bedroom


December 2018