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For the Future

A Letter

Do not let anxiety rule your life. Do not let the voices that float above your head make decisions for you. Do not let darkness invade your space. Keep the light. Be the light. Continuously look for ways to love. To bring about love, to bring love into. 

Read poetry and books. Drink tea. Make banana pancakes, make your bed. Go hiking. Go on late night adventures with friends. Keep doing and keep going and keep loving and keep feeling. No matter how hard it gets- it will get better. No tunnel is too long to block out the light forever. Love hard. Love long. Love deeply. Love without care. Love with choice. Love with intentionality. 

Do not be afraid to lose. It is okay that a door closed. Some people are only meant to last a season, not a lifetime. But make sure you love them just as much. It is okay to fail. To feel as though the world is against you. To be so scared to take another breath, for fear of being knocked down again. 

So dear, brush your frustration away. Pick up your heart. Let go of everything that is heavy and look for the sun, for the way people's eyes light up, the way fresh snow feels under your crunching feet, or warm ocean water feel on your toes. Love the cold and love the warmth. Embrace life in every crevice of your being.